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Where's the beef?

Hey kiwi

You need to add more bands to the interests list. Here's some suggestions (taken from VH1- The 80's Power Ballads):

Fly To The Angels - Slaughter
Something To Believe In - Poison
Amanda - Boston
I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner
Alone Again - Dokken
House Of Pain - Faster Pussycat
Search Is Over, The - Survivor
Is This Love - Whitesnake
We Belong - Pat Benatar
Don't Close Your Eyes - Kix
What Does It Take - Honeymoon Suite
Missing You - John Waite
Miles Away - Winger
When The Children Cry - White Lion
Goodbye - Night Ranger
Fly High Michelle - Enuff Z'Nuff

When I first started to learn guitar, my pops bought me a couple of instructional videos, which ended up being the two guitarists from Night Ranger (Jeff Watson, Brad Gillis). I blame pops for my Night Ranger fixation. Brad Gillis was actually a former Ozzy Osbourne Guitarist, while the lead singer ending up fronting a band called Damn Yankees. Anyone remember "High Enough"?

Those are my bits of trivia for today.

We need more peeps. Somebody pimp the community.

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